Vacant to vibrante

The Community Purpose Lot Program is an innovative initiative to activate HLB’s small and underutilized lot inventory for community purposes and organizations. Our goal is to bring together community members and organizations to transform these small lots into vibrant spaces that cater to the needs and interests of their local community. We designed this program to be flexible and responsive to each community’s unique needs and interests.


The Community Purpose Lot Program is for community members and local organizations that want to revitalize their neighborhoods by activating underutilized lots for community purposes. 

Proposals not allowed from:

  • HLB Board Members
  • COH Employees
  • HLB employees
  • Elected officials
  • Government organizations

What types of proposals will be accepted?

We are seeking proposals that prioritize collaboration, inclusiveness, and sustainability. This program aims to transform these vacant lots into dynamic spaces that meet local needs while mobilizing local resources.

Proposal Criteria:

  • Initiated within 60 days of acceptance into the program
  • Align with a community need from an existing community plan or study
  • Offer a community benefit
  • Align with HLB mission and at least one HLB focus area

HLB areas of focus are:


For more information, contact us at 281-655-4600 or

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